We were thoroughly delighted with Dillashaw Construction in building our new home in Greenhorn Creek in Angels Camp.  Clay and Hal are “hands-on” general contractors, personally doing the carpentry and finish work with prideful craftsmanship and keeping on top of every step of the work.  They had smooth and solid working relationships with their crew, sub-contractors and material suppliers.  From the very beginning and throughout the project, they gave helpful suggestions to improve our plans, and they worked with us on requests for revisions during the course of work.  They worked effectively with our construction lender in submitting the proper paperwork so that the construction draws happened promptly and with no problems.  In developing the initial project budget and adjustments to construction costs, they were consistently fair and honest.  We are very satisfied with the quality, condition and appearance of our new home, all of which are due to the care and skill of Clay and Hal Dillashaw and their team. — Daniel and Brenda Reidy, Angels Camp, CA

Our experience from initial handshakes to finished product was a wonderful gratifying experience.  Our project came in on time and on budget even with our inclusion of antique doors, antique cabinets and beams.  Hal and Clay went above and beyond in working with us to make our vision come about. Our wallpaper hanger told us the walls were the “squarest, straightest walls he had ever worked on.”  We had many ideas we wanted included in our home and Hal and Clay and their crew always took the approach of “how can we make this work” never in a negative manner. We would do it all over again! — Fred and Eileen Hoover, Angels Camp, CA

Clay and Hal Dillashaw built our house in Greenhorn Creek, Angels Camp, in 2007/2008.  If there was one word to describe their work, it would be impeccable.  Or wait, maybe meticulous . . .   Their reputation in the area is top-notch and well-deserved.  Here are the things that, in our view, distinguish Dillashaw Construction from other builders:

Fanatical attention to detail and to quality:  Our house was not a simple design to build.  Clay and Hal spent hours on the small details that separate 'good' from 'excellent'.  One of our neighbors related watching Clay spend the better part of a couple of days getting a key part of the roof structure just right, and adjusting eighths of inches until it was correct.  Doors are weighted just so to swing gently shut, or not, as specified.  Outside water drains properly (away from the house) and per a well thought out plan.  Many, many small and not so small things that make a house supremely comfortable to live in and easy to maintain for years to come.

A truly custom home:  There is nothing cookie-cutter about what the Dillashaws do.  Example:  we spent 20 hours in electrical walkthrough and design with Hal and our electrician.  Every switch, every plug was specifically laid out and chosen by us with guidance from folks who've done this many times before.  Other builders may gently 'steer' clients into a standard set of offerings, but Hal and Clay will ask for input at every point.  Yes, you will have to make many decisions and choices, but in the end you have a home which is uniquely yours.

Complete integrity:  Sometimes you hear about projects where the bid from the builder was X, but with change orders total cost turns into X + 50%.  No doubt client changes drives some of this, but also items may be 'under-bid' at the outset with the expectation of upselling with change orders.  With the Dillashaws, once the bid was worked out, they stuck to it and there were no gaps. There was no equivalent of "oh, you want a steering wheel with that car?  it's not in your specifications".  Our change orders were ~7% of bid cost and all were initiated by us.  

Collaboration and creativity:  We were interested in having our builders work with our architect before construction started to give input on buildability and costs.  We had some other experiences with builders who said they were willing to do this but in fact were not interested in participating.  The Dillashaws genuinely engaged and brought ideas to the table early on how to build some challenging design aspects (specifically, a curved ceiling).  Throughout construction, they raised ideas and collaborated with us and our architect to add to the design in various ways.

Sub-contractors:  Before this project, we might have thought that the best selection criteria for a sub-contractor was lowest bid.  And while of course cost is important, quality and reliability are paramount as we learned by working with the very professional, knowledgeable and meticulous set of sub-contractors that work with Dillashaw construction.  We learned that there is a tremendous difference between a regular painter and the one who is back after the carpet is laid to touch up tiny nicks which I probably never would have noticed; between a run of the mill tile guy and one carefully randomizes the darker and lighter tiles to give just the right look. 

Post construction responsiveness and follow-through:  One of the builders we talked to prior to starting our house emphasized his 'warranty' plan following completion and frankly it wasn't something I had thought much about. I'm not sure that builder is still in business.  Clay and Hal never talked about post-construction support to my memory, because if there's a question or a problem, they just show up and take care of it.  We've not had much of anything to talk about in the 18 months since our house was completed, but the couple of little things that have come up have been responded to right away. — Kathy Thompson, Angels Camp, CA



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